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In this community, you will learn the secrets of: 

✅ Unlock the full power of the Law of Attraction & Assumption, so you can manifest your dreams into reality with ease.

✅ Tap into the transformative power of spiritual healing, and experience profound levels of personal growth and inner peace.

✅ Master the art of manifesting, and start attracting abundance and success into every area of your life.

✅ Discover the secrets of age-reversal, and learn how to look and feel younger than ever before.

✅ Achieve a state of deep inner peace and calm, even in the midst of life's challenges and uncertainties.

✅ Develop an abundance mindset and wealth building skills, so you can create financial freedom and live life on your own terms.

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Hello There!

I'm Rebecca Tripp and I am here to guide you along your journey of finding your purpose, manifesting your desires, and unleashing your inner power. In this community, we meet every week to discover and discuss all the tools you need to take quantum leaps toward the life you crave and deserve.

Through many adventures both enlightening and traumatic, I have transformed myself from doe-eyed innocent to mature, powerful manifestress. Tapping the power of the spiritual realm, I overcame fear, doubt, toxic relationships, rape, and even cancer simply by shifting my thoughts.

After years of experience, I aspire to share my wisdom with more people and demonstrate how we all have the power to heal our minds, bodies, and create our lives according to our greatest desires. 

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