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Hello There!

I'm Rebecca Tripp and I am here to guide you along your journey of finding your purpose, manifesting your desires, and unleashing your inner power. In this community, we meet every week to discover and discuss all the tools you need to take quantum leaps toward the life you crave and deserve.

Through many adventures both enlightening and traumatic, I have transformed myself from doe-eyed innocent to mature, powerful manifestress. Tapping the power of the spiritual realm, I overcame fear, doubt, toxic relationships, rape, and even cancer simply by shifting my thoughts.

After years of experience, I aspire to share my wisdom with more people and demonstrate how we all have the power to heal our minds, bodies, and create our lives according to our greatest desires. 

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“Rebecca saved my life, during the pandemic I had no idea what to do with all my free time! Once I started working with Rebecca my life has become so different and I can’t wait for the start of each day!”

-Kris Anne Andrews


“Thank you, Rebecca, I really loved the simple short lessons especially about manifesting abundance and flying yourself away from a negative situation while still being present. This perfectly fit in my schedule and aspirations. I took the best from it!”

-Irina Mineva


“Fantastic and educational! Not only is Rebecca’s story absorbing in its own right, but through her narrative she also makes real-life sense of esoteric metaphysical teachings. I would recommend her work to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of the power of thought and intention.”

- J.P Hansen


Rebecca is an amazing transformational coach! Rebecca mentored me and my life totally transformed. I had my first awakening and my reality shifted under Rececca's tutelage. I found a new career, made more money than I ever made before, and became a Silva UltraMind Instructor. Without Rebecca I do not know where I would be today. Rebecca helped me expand my consciousness and shift my perspective and paradigm ! She has shown me a new life and new way of living. Rebecca will definitely transform your life! 

-Andrea Davis

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