“Rebecca Tripp is a superstar! She is lively and entertaining and very adept at what she does.”
- Richard Thorngren


"A couple of days after taking a seminar with Rebecca Tripp I got a call from a woman I know. She told me that a man was in the hospital dying of cancer. She asked me to pray for him. I used the 3 Scenes Technique for 3 days. Then every time I thought of him I pictured him healed. She called me the next week and asked me if I had prayed for him. I told her what I had done. She said the doctors did not understand it but he had pulled out of it. He was out of the hospital. I have now completed the Holistic Healing seminar with Rebecca and continue to use the techniques to help people. I have a lot of people calling me." - Peggy DeTerra, New Bedford, MA

"Hi there, Rebecca! Just thought I'd give you an update on life since the seminar you gave in March. The only that can really describe it is MAGIC. I've left a job I hated, repaired a relationship with my dear brother, and found joy in life that I never saw before. All of these things came from changing the way I view my life, which I think is the most important byproduct of what you teach. I think the work you do is very important, thank you for helping me take the first step in making the rest of my life the best of my life!" - Carol Shuler

“[Before taking a course with Rebecca], I had never reached Alpha Level so quickly and efficiently. Also, I had never reached such deep levels with any form of meditation. The class was run through the various techniques with amazing results—all as promised. I now know why no-one has ever asked for the money back guarantee. We were also assured that we would see amazing transformational results in a few days. Like clockwork, I had amazing manifestations within the week. A new car ‘magically’ appeared without any money or work on my part, and long awaited assistance for financing of my startup came out of nowhere!”
- Tom Hayes

"Hey Rebecca, I was astounded yesterday afternoon. During the whole seminar I wasn't sure it was “working” for me...but working up the remote viewing cases (and being successful) completely blew my mind. I know they say it takes the first success to be convinced, and I have had mine. I also trust now (thanks to my tutor last night!) that figuring out the path of what to do with these skills will come to me with time when I am ready to hear it. It’s a reassuring feeling. Thanks again." - Franny

"I found the Silva web site when my marriage was at rock bottom, I took the complimentary online training course and downloaded the 30-minute centering exercise by Ed Bernd that was part of this course. Within just a few days I felt I had a clearer purpose in life, people saw me as a different person and I knew I was not faking it as a means to improve relations with my wife. Now, two months later we are well on the way to having a happier, more satisfying and complete marriage. I was first attracted to a Silva UltraMind seminar after reading the information on the internet. Then I found your seminar was to be held at a location convenient to home and your biography mentioned an association with Christian Science. That created a feeling of rapport for me as I was associated with Christian Science in my earlier days. During the seminar it transpired that you were also conversant with the course in Miracles and even though the Silva UltraMind method is not based on either the Christian Science or the Course in Miracles thought processes the association helped me to more readily understand and accept Silva's work. The initial exposure to the online course followed by your seminar is helping me to better center myself and act as the person I really am, inside, without those horrible blocks that are so destructive. All the best!" - Michael Yates

"I found your class and yourself to be most helpful in every aspect of my life. I feel the goodness inside me, I'm calmer after meditation, and I go much quicker into the Theta state. I look at the outside world and, through your teachings, have been able not to get wrapped up in all the negativity. I rarely watch the news anymore because I feel the difference in myself. I have to say that I feel like a whole new person, and it shows on the outside as well as physically. It's hard for some people to accept my explanation of how I feel, and that's okay, because I know. Thank you for all you've done for me and Lee. He brings your class up often and quotes things you said in class, especially when we're having a particularly hard day. So thanks again—for you, your wisdom, your gifts, and your insights." - Kathleen P. Sheehy

"I just don't know how to express my gratitude to you for your guidance and inspiration that helped me become empowered and become the person I always wished I could be. [Your workshops have] been boundlessly transformational for me and for the lives I've touched along the way... After years of debilitating illnesses such as MS and all that it entailed, I healed myself with what I learned in your courses. My family and friends are constantly amazed and still want to know my secret. I tell them it's practical application of the power of the mind...I have been presented with numerous family critical challenges over these past few years, but I've worked through them with heartwarming results. I might add that before receiving your guidance I would just fall apart and overreact when faced with minor challenges. Here's just one example. Over several years, my grandchild, who lived 2500 miles away from me, was becoming an increasingly high-risk preteen. Every night my prayer for him and to him was to go to level and visualize him as a poster child for success in mind, body and spirit...I continued to fall asleep nights visualizing his having accomplished the best possible that I could imagine. The energy came. The money came. At 16 he now has a new life in a spiritually and emotionally supportive environment. He is thriving, blooming, and amazing everyone as much as I did when I recovered from MS. Once in a while he reaches a bump in the road but bounces back even stronger with remarkable resilience. Rebecca, before meeting you I read piles and piles of inspirational 'self-help' books full of instructions on how to improve my life. But it wasn't until I took your course that I had a major paradigm shift which helped me to believe, trust, and achieve some of my dreams. I'm getting use to people complimenting me with comments such as, "You have such a calming effect on people" or "How in the world did you do that?" Imagine that! Thank you for sharing your dynamic, spiritual, inspirational and motivational style of thinking with me. And, your personal humorous anecdotes delivered with your wonderful sense of humor makes it so easy for me to learn from you!  - A K, Rhode Island

"It was great meeting you. You provided the missing piece to my puzzle, a personal training with an excellent trainer. My classmates generated a special "frequency" for the learning in class." - C. Porter

“Your weekend seminar was invaluable. Although I continue to encounter bumps in the road as I work toward my goals, the principles and focus I acquired in your workshop help me to stay centered and in control. I received your workshop as a gift, but would gladly have paid: the experience was truly life-changing.”
- Theodore Gruzka

"I recently attended my first workshop with Rebecca. I was so interested in the things she taught. I had never heard much of what she shared before and it had a big impact on my thinking. I have been practicing the meditations she taught and saw BIG results immediately."  - K. P.

"My first seminar with Rebecca was in November 2005 in Bristol, RI. At first, I was nervous because I did not know anyone and really didn't know what to expect. From the beginning, Rebecca put us all at ease and facilitated a series of wonderful meditations and lessons in the Silva UltraMind System. Over the past few years and several seminars with Rebecca, I met many like-minded people from all walks of life with one thing in common: to learn how to become the best they could be. If you understand and follow the program, whatever you are focusing on will come to fruition. So what are you waiting for? Go for it! I did and am now living my dream." - Judy Hall

"I attended a seminar with Rebecca back in May of '05. As an actor, I had been going though many changes in my life with my career and relationships and needed to learn to quiet my mind to find some peace. However, I had no idea that it would change my life. During the seminar I learned how to mediate on a deeper level and change my thought patterns to attract and visualize that which I wanted. After practicing for just a few days, I began to have more confidence and clearer thoughts, and felt a sense of control in my serenity. I gained the ability to visualize myself in various auditions, successfully getting work as an actor. I began to feel myself having the part or job before I even attended the audition. Rebecca was always available whenever I e-mailed her any questions or breakthroughs. I attended a refresher course with her when she returned the following year. I will forever be changed by this course. If you take it, get ready for miracles in your life, career and relationships! I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to take charge of their life and manifest their dreams." - Reha

"Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, while I was in high school and college, I was fascinated by anything having do with ESP or telekinesis. The Great Kreskin was popular and it seemed like science was on the verge of tapping into the great computer we call the human brain. Then, like a lot of us, I graduated and entered the 'real world'. The distractions of daily life and my job became my focus. Thoughts of the paranormal seemed fun but frivolous, and eventually faded. This spring, my work associate, Sue, after finding out that I was reading The Secret, admitted that she was a 'new-ager' and gave me an outline of a seminar being held in the state. I read it with increasing enthusiasm and, although she hadn't asked me, I invited myself to go with her. It brought back to me the excitement and wonder of it all. My only reservation—aside from the natural skepticism of wondering if I was just wasting my money—was that I was now a practicing Christian and I didn't want to find myself in a situation where I was going to be at odds with my religion—or worse, where others might attempt to convert me. I needn't have worried on either account. In fact, the lessons [shared by Rebecca] coincided wonderfully with Scripture. After all, success principles and the Golden Rule are universal. Other philosophies and authors were brought up and/or quoted but always in the proper educational context. Rebecca was awesome, and made sure that we felt like we were in a safe environment for discussion. She is incredibly well-read and knowledgeable, but moreover, a definite people person. She has a talent to relating to people from their core beliefs, without trying to inject her own. The seminar was everything that it professed to be. I definitely felt that I got my money's worth. I had two definite objectives that I wanted to accomplish with the course. One, I needed a way to be able to focus. My life, like the lives of so many women, was so chock full that I felt like I was on a hamster wheel, and couldn't sit back and give appropriate attention to the things that were important to me. I was distracted even in prayer. I really enjoyed the book The Secret, but I felt there was something missing, that my attempts at putting it into practice were superficial. In both instances, I just didn't feel like I was relaxed or focused enough to truly make the connections I was seeking. Secondly, I was intrigued by the concept that was outlined in the seminar syllabus about healing people from a distance with our minds. If it worked, the possibilities were mind-boggling, especially since I work as a cardiac ultrasonagrapher in a hospital. The centering exercises were just what I needed to step back and relax... Life goes on, but it's like I have a coat of armor. I put myself in an alpha state when I pray at home, and throughout my church service. Now that I am finally able to focus on the words of the minister without my mind wandering to my errands, I get so much more out of my spiritual practices. During the seminar, there were exercises where we tried to envision a person unbeknownst to us. At the time, it felt like I was just making thing up—but I was quite shocked at the number of my 'revelations' which were actually accurate. It gave me the courage to try to repeat the exercise using people that I knew. My sister, who lives out of state, has only one kidney, which was failing. At the time I took this seminar, she was facing imminent dialysis. She had just gone through a battery of physical and psychological tests, and her remaining kidney was functioning at approximately 16%. I started using the healing exercise shortly after the seminar. Within a week, her kidney was functioning at 25%, and dialysis was postponed. That was three months ago; at the time of this writing, her kidney was functioning at 45%! I am not taking the credit for this, but I do believe that using the Silva UltraMind techniques with prayer linked me into someone who could help my sister heal. I will be forever grateful for Rebecca for the things that she taught me that weekend in August 2007. I feel I have so much more control over my life, and a means to focus on the things which are important to me." - Joy Hale

"I grew up in the affluent Surrey Hills, on a road by a common called Spook Hill. Many of us who lived there were aware of a presence in our midst. Throughout my life there have been incidences of the unexplained. I believe that our education in western civilization leaves us stripped of our intuition, which if we could find the self confidence to develop would help us to change the world. Through Rebecca's teaching... I and many others have discovered a lost element of life. This is not trickery, or some scheme to win the lotteries, but a long forgotten force for good in the world. You will learn to focus on deep meditation, concentration, and patience. Our lifestyle in the west leaves us harassed and unfulfilled. All human beings have abilities to some extent; Through Rebecca, I found the ability to trust and develop mine. I believe this is an opportunity too precious to miss!" - Tina