Taking the Leap

Subjective consciousness is made up of imagination and visualization. Both are tools we can utilize to create our world to the way that is most beneficial to our mission here on Earth. We visualize things we have already experienced or seen. We imagine what we want to see-- and, as we know, whatever can be imagined can be invented! Neville Goddard, one of the greatest modern teachers of creative visualization, went so far as to say that imagination is God, because its power for creation is limitless.

Taking the leap into this way of thinking is very much akin to jumping out of an airplane. You’re in freefall for a while, flailing around, totally unsure of the outcome. There’s no up or down, no North or South, and no guarantee that you’ll land where you planned. There’s no guarantee that your parachute will open, either-- but chances are, it will, eventually. Either way, it’s pretty much assured that you will emerge from the experience a changed person.

Experienced skydivers know that the only way to achieve control in free fall is to surrender. If you watch them in action, you’ll see that their limbs are aligned but not stiff; their movements are slow. deliberate, and minimal. When you launch yourself into a metaphysical journey, the same principles apply. If you try to control every little thing all the time, the results will be chaotic. However, if you visualize your ultimate outcome and allow your experience to unfold in trust, you’ll have a much better chance of a smooth landing.

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