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Secrets of a Metaphysical Flight Attendant: Sky Goddess’s Thought-Shifting Spiritual Memoir Empowers Readers’ Lives to Take Flight.


Rebecca Tripp spent thirty-five years travelling the world at 38,000 feet; frequently seeing places and experiencing things usually reserved for those once-in-a-lifetime dreams. However, something was still missing, and Tripp longed for the ability to take back life’s controls and create the existence she really wanted. ‘Secrets of a Metaphysical Flight Attendant’ tells this inspirational story, including how the author tapped into the spiritual realm to overcome toxic relationships, rape and even cancer. This is one high-flying and life-changing memoir that calls all readers into action, to heal their minds and bodies by simply shifting their thoughts.


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Westport, MA – Rebecca Tripp has literally lived with her head in the clouds; privileged to have spent thirty-five years working as a “Sky Goddess” during the golden modern age of aviation. But Tripp’s powerful new memoir fuses the story of her fascinating and glamorous career with travels to a very different kind of place; a spiritual realm that transformed Tripp from someone who was led by life to someone who ended up firmly at the controls.

‘Secrets of a Metaphysical Flight Attendant’ is the most unique spiritual memoir on the market; a ‘toolbox’ and magic bullet for those who want to let their own lives take flight according to their greatest desires.


Secrets of a Metaphysical Flight Attendant is a spiritual memoir that explores the symbiotic relationship between thought and reality and proves that we really do have the power to create our lives. With lighthearted wit, piercing clarity, and unapologetic insight, Rebecca Tripp delivers her tale of a life lived in motion. In 1967, Rebecca left her sleepy seaside hometown to navigate a new life at 35,000 feet as a sky goddess with United Airlines. With barely a flicker of her false eyelashes, she was plunged into a rapidly shifting world of glamour gods and Playboy bunnies, first-class fliers and spiritual seekers. As a fun-loving stew Rebecca literally had the world at her feet. Yet, something was missing. Life was coming at her-not the other way around. How could she take back the controls and create the life she really wanted? Over the next thirty-five years, through many adventures both enlightening and traumatic, Rebecca transformed herself from doe-eyed innocent to mature, powerful manifestress. Tapping the power of the spiritual realm, she overcame fear, doubt, toxic relationships, rape, and even cancer-simply by shifting her thought. Her experiences, shared with the wisdom of a lifetime, demonstrate that we all have the power to heal our minds and bodies and create our lives according to our greatest desires.

“Thought and reality are connected in a way that few appreciate, and even fewer embrace,” explains Tripp, who now continues to travel the world leading metaphysics workshops. “If you can develop a deep sense of spiritual connection, the sky is the limit. I spent many decades getting to that ‘place’ but, by reading my story and accepting my wisdom, you can build the life you want right now.”

Continuing, “It’s a change that many are longing for. Everyone I knew thought that I had a movie star lifestyle; seeing places most could only dream of. It was the best career in the world, but I still experienced that void which transcends circumstance. I managed to take back the controls, and this is my story.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Stacie C comments, “I just finished reading this book and it was fantastic! I found the way in which spiritual concepts were applied to real life examples to be both helpful and refreshing. The portion of the book that mentions 9/11 literally gave me goosebumps. This book is extremely inspirational as well as entertaining. I highly recommend it!”

Dave Monson adds, “I enjoyed reading the assemblage of knowledge, methods and tools provided in “Secrets of a Metaphysical Flight Attendant”. Rebecca has so neatly compiled many important tenets of ‘Life’ between the covers of this tome. I anticipate using it as a reference for living my life and as a tool in my role as a coach practitioner.”

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Rebecca Tripp is a self-proclaimed metaphysical junkie and an avid teacher and student of metaphysics, magic, and miracles. Her thirty-five year career as a sky goddess with United Airlines, combined with her love of travel, set the stage for her amazing manifestation of a life lived intentionally. Her life experience and deep sense of spiritual connection have helped hundreds of people discover the power of thought and reclaim the power to create their lives. Rebecca currently lives in Massachusetts, and leads workshops and retreats nationally and globally.

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